Top 13 Sites to Create Link Wheel

22/07/2012 23:32

What is a Link Wheel?

One of the best ways of directing traffic to your website is by creating link wheel. These link wheels create backlinks to your website’s main page that provide your website higher rank in search engines.

The Link wheel Plan

There is no exact or precise plan or regulation when it comes to forming a link wheel’s structure. The efficiency of the link wheel relies on how natural the pattern is. Search Engine Optimization professionals consider that link wheels are not supposed to be a structure made to trick the search engines, but must include a natural path running from one website to another. For instance, the link wheel remains in motion if a link promises to direct you towards a site containing more and more interesting information. This keeps grabbing the attention of readers along with keeping them interested and intrigued.

Different internet marketers and advertisers use different type of patterns. A few of them opt for social media sites, while others also consider using video sites, image sites, blogs, forums discussion board etc.

List of Top Sites for Creating Link Wheel: