Uncomplicated Steps To Create Link Wheels

24/07/2012 23:58

Link wheel is a popular link building strategy. Each and every site is working on it, expanding it, making it stronger, attracting immense traffic and earning some real good amount. Link wheel is one of the fastest and reliable strategies for getting traffic towards your site. You work hard in the beginning making a link wheel according to your requirements you get the best fruit without waiting much. Let’s discuss how can you actually create a link wheel.

  1. Content:  Write befitting content by focusing on keywords, phrases and terms. It should all be related to your main site giving it sense. Subsequently, publish the articles on the best Web 2.0 sites. Don’t forget to add your site’s link with whatever you write.
  2. Promote: Don’t be lazy! Competitors are all around. Promote your site by adding social bookmarking links to your main website. This will add a plus point to your overall goal.
  3. Expand: Creating a link wheel hub will help you here. Create as many link wheels you want, do whatever it takes to promote your site. Greater the number of backlinks, better will be the page ranking of your website. You can always close the link wheel or keep expanding.
  4. Squidoo: You can also write Squidoo lens complimentary to your website and add links. Squidoo can also be a part of the link wheel.

This is how to create link wheel. Make sure you’re aware of the basics before getting started with a link wheel. Even if you’re hiring professionals to make one for you, it’s wise to know before you actually go for it.