Very Useful Tips on Becoming a Freelancer

25/06/2012 01:42

Many new comers in the freelance field do not know how to begin their first Freelance Gig. Because of unawareness, beginners might respond to unknown or unreliable sources. If you want to become a freelancer, one of the best ways is to create your website showing the skills you possess. Share your website and expertise with everyone you know, either personally or over the internet. Never feel discouraged if you receive a poor response at first. Remember, if someone is not interested in your proposals; ask them to introduce you to one of their contacts. You might find a good client in this way.


Always quote a fair price for your work which can be evaluated in terms of the current market prices for the same job. Don’t ever offer free work right from the start because then your work may not be easily recognized.


Connect to as many social platforms as there are available because, like any other field, social networking is becoming very important in the freelance field.


Don’t hesitate to offer your services. As a new comer, you might be to tell your prospective clients what services you can offer. Always approach them with a smile and explain the details of your offers.