Top Black Hat SEO Methods

24/07/2012 01:09

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO involves the use of manipulative SEO strategies that focus on gaining top search engine rankings regardless of the quality of the content. Such techniques are usually employed by individuals seeking a quick return on their website and a shortcut to gaining higher rankings.

Below is a list of black hat SEO techniques that are quite popular with black hatters nowadays and a brief description of how they are used:   

Top Black Hat SEO Methods

Link Spamming

Link spamming is one of the most popular black hat SEO techniques in which links are added to blogs, discussion boards and even wikis that point towards the website of the spammer. This practice is intended to increase website rankings and potential visitors to the site by listing your website in comment boxes of blogs etc. 

Duplicate Content

Although used by a large number of black hatters, content duplication – in which the same content is posted on a number of domains - is not quite an effective technique as it can easily be detected by Google and not likely to help you attain higher website rankings in the long run.

Invisible Text

Using invisible text is another one of popular black hat SEO tricks in which individuals embed text in the website that is not visible to the visitors by changing the font colors or using CSS to hide text. This also works for a while but is likely to be detected by Google in the long run. 


Spinning involves the use of software to mix and paraphrase the original and existing content in order to come up with something ‘new’ out of it. This technique is quite effective as it does not seem unethical on the surface and actually works if you spin quality articles and include links to your website in it.