What Is A Forum And How Does It Work?

01/08/2012 03:05

What is a forum? A forum is an online community website where people with mutual interests meet and exchange views. There are many different forums established online and you can find forums on anything that you can think of like hosting, gadgets, social life and the print industry etc. Let us discuss some important things that help forums fully function.

Administrators and Moderators

An internet forum can be run by one administrator along with several other administrators or moderators. The number of people overlooking a forum depends on the amount of traffic it receives. The purpose of these administrators and moderators is to ensure that forum is used for the purpose it had originally been formed


Posts or forum posts are the messages that are exchanged by the members in a forum. There is another common term used in forums called ‘threads’. A thread is the complete discussion on a single topic with all the messages exchanged about it while a post is just one of the messages exchanged by a member.

Control Panel

Every forum has a control panel. Some forums also call it the board panel. This panel has all the details about controlling the different aspects of the forum. Its control can only be accessed by the administrators who can set all its features including posts, spam control, moderators etc.